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singer and songwriter

Drugs ‘n’ Jetskis

The back story for this song started when my friend MaC and I we’re sitting on a beach in Thailand many years ago.

My dear friend Ann told me many years ago, before I ever got to visit Thailand, that she liked the south the best, so that just fitted in my opening lyrics

The Jet Ski Scam

MaC had already got stung with the Jet Ski scam for €400. He had hired one out one morning and the very first wave he hit, the front fender fell off.

He returned into shore and was met with an angry gang of men – the ones who rent the jet skis out – and they blamed him for the damage that had obviously been done prior to MaC renting out the jet ski. It’s a traumatic experience because if you ask or send for the police, they’re involved too. So you don’t really have a leg to stand on and it can turn very nasty, very quickly. Pay up and move on is my moto. Later, after he got over it, we’d be sitting on a beach and seeing it happen all over again with other tourists.


I later added “drugs” to the title because that’s another scary scenario you don’t want to get involved with when you are in Thailand. Young people go out to the beautiful beaches in the south and thinking it’s cool to play with drugs but it always ends up in tears – maybe even the death penalty.

It’s just a quirky little song with a warning – stay away from Drugs ‘n’ Jet Skis when visiting Thailand.